St. Anselm's North City School

Nivaru Road, Jhotwara, North Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302012.

Christian Minority Institution

Recognised by: CBSE, New Delhi

Affiliation No.: 1730256

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14-05-2024 Dear Parents, As per the collector order the summer holidays are declared from 15th of May 2024. The PTM will be held later on. Regards Principal
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Fr. Thomas Maniparambil

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Our co-education school prepares your child for the future with a global insight in mind. Our students are equipped with academic excellence, confidence and leadership qualities the y need, to face any challenges in the new competitive world. We provide our children with an innovative, challenging and enterprising learning environment.

To assist our students to achieve academic excellence, we have included the below key features to our education system:

  • Optimal Teacher-Student ratio ideal for learning, leading to a foolproof system of imparting lessons that involves instant clarification of doubts and personalized mentoring.
  • Math Navigator is special programme which helps improve the conceptual understanding of Math by means of commonly available material around us. This provides students a better understanding o the subject through unique techniques, which also lead to improved interest and participation in the learning process. This kind of a hands-on learning experience propels students to think divergently to understand and solve mathematical problems.
  • Grammar Express builds grammar skills through additional worksheets, assessment of speech, listening and a special focus on conversation skills. It covers all the aspects of Speaking, Reading and Writing, thereby making it easier for children to gain proficiency in English through the natural process of learning practice.
  • The diagnostics programme helps the student as well as the parent achieve a better understanding of the students’ learning needs. The areas in which the student shows interest and skill are identified and nurtured. Similarly, the areas for which special guidance and assistance is needed are identified and the School as well as the family work together to bridge the gap.
  • Remedial courses serve as a sorting mechanism for children with differing academic abilities and aid them to ease out these differences. Students who find it a struggle to deal with certain concepts are invited to attend these classes, where a joyful environment for learning is created.
  • Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing (ASSET) training helps children learn concepts and not just memorize subjects.
  • The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national level scholarship that fosters a spirit of healthy competition and gives talented students a chance to prove themselves on a national platform.
  • The Olympiads are a world renowned championship held for high school students which requires them to qualify at a city, regional and national level to then finally compete at the international level. Students are thus motivated to study Math and Science diligently to win this prestigious award.

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