St. Anselm's North City School

Nivaru Road, Jhotwara, North Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302012.

Christian Minority Institution

Recognised by: CBSE, New Delhi

Affiliation No.: 1730256

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"Discipline is the continual exercise of the will, enlightened by the intellect, so that it may act easily and habitually according to right order and help the child to attain SELF MASTERY"

"A BASIC FOUNDATION for a virtuous Life".

Hence the school expects every child to contribute to the discipline of the school.

Punctuality :

Punctuality is the politeness of kings. It is also the duty of gentlemen and the necessity of men of business.

  • The attendance Roll will be called out at the beginning of the day. Those who are not in the class will be marked absent.
  • Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence of more than 3 days, habitual idleness, disobedience or objectionable moral influence justify dismissal.
  • Morning Assembly : At the first sound of the bell all stop whatever they may be doing. The pupils use this PAUSE to compose themselves and get ready for prayer. At the sound of the second bell they move silently to the place of ASSEMBLY where they stand according to their classes. The Assembly is conducted by the students/teachers and by the Principal. After reciting the morning prayer a hymn is sung. Every day a pupil speaks on a particular given topic or reads the news of the day. School information is given by the Principal. The National Anthem is then sung. The children then proceed to their classes.
  • No pupil who is five minutes late will be admitted to the class without the Principal's Signature.
  • Students are requested to co-operate with the class monitors to maintain the discipline and ideals of the school.

Silence :

There is a time for speaking and a time for being still.

  • Special care must be taken by teachers & pupils to preserve an ATMOSPHERE OF SILENCE AND SERIOUS WORK during class hours.
  • Along the corridors & stairs, pupils must walk in silence.
  • Silence must be observed outside the Principal's office.
  • A place for everything and everything in its place.
  • Running, playing, shouting inside the school building is never allowed.
  • When moving along corridors from one class to another the rule is always : KEEP LEFT and respect the classes at work by moving with as little noise as possible.
  • Pupils from one class may not visit their friends in other classrooms during class hours or free periods.
  • Silence must be observed along the corridors and on the stairs during class hours. There should be no loud talking at the change of periods.
  • During the absence of the class teacher each Class Monitor is responsible for the order and discipline of the class.
  • No child is permitted to come to the Principal's office during class hours except for a good or urgent reason.
  • Pupils must not remain in the class rooms during the recess / Lunch break.
  • No child may leave the school premises during class hours, recess / lunch break without the permission of the Principal.
  • Books (other than text or school library books), Audio/Video Cassettes, Mobiles, Periodicals and Magazines may never be bought into the school without the knowledge and sanction of the Principal. If brought to school the material bought will be confiscated and the student fined.
  • The School is not responsible for books, money and clothes that are lost children must look after their own money or valuable articles. Each student is advised to bring his/her books etc. in a proper bag or that can be securely looked.
  • No pupil is permitted to enter the Teacher's Staff room.
  • All pupils are expected to speak English in the school.
  • No individual teacher is allowed to conduct private classes, tours, make any collections or carry out any activities for the students of the school without the permission of the Principal. Parents are requested to take note of this.
  • Parents must, therefore, remember that the school discourages Private tutions. In genuine cases the necessity of private tution will be considered.
  • Parents are urged to encourage in their children diligence and honesty in doing their daily homework. As the medium of instruction is English, children should be helped to follow their classes easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular English conversation at home.

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