St. Anselm's North City School

Nivaru Road, Jhotwara, North Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302012.

Christian Minority Institution

Recognised by: CBSE, New Delhi

Affiliation No.: 1730256

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14-05-2024 Dear Parents, As per the collector order the summer holidays are declared from 15th of May 2024. The PTM will be held later on. Regards Principal
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Fr. Thomas Maniparambil

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  1. Leave of absence may be granted to a pupil by the Principal for a genuine reason but only with a prior written application from the parents or guardians.
  2. When a pupil is absent due to illness or any other reason for a day, parents on his / her returning to school must state the reason for the absence on the relevant Leave Record page in the school calendar attested by the parents or guardians. In case of illness a medical certificate and test papers are essential.
  3. A pupil who is absent for more than 7 days without previously informing the Principal and obtaining permission can have their names stuck off the school register. The usual Entrance Fee is charged if she is readmitted.
  4. Pupils must be present on the day before the holidays and return to school after the holidays on the appointed day; failing which strict action will be taken.
  5. Absence for more than 7 days from the opening day of School, renders a pupil liable to be struck off the rolls.
  6. A pupil returning to school after an absence must obtain the Principal's written permission before being admitted to class.

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